Edinburgh Fringe 2015: Slightly Less Invisible?

It’s time to release a certain cat from her metaphorical bag: I am not, and never have been, invisible. Much like yourself, my body is not built such that photons travel through me in straight lines.

This review blog began anonymously to make honest reviews possible from within the confines of the glorious bubble that is the student drama scene at the University of Oxford. After a great many exams, I have finished my degree and have been launched, protesting and slightly hungover, upon the world like a ship or a debutante.

Does this spell the end of The Invisible Critic? Heavens no! The Edinburgh Fringe 2015 beckons and my Jaffa cakes are once again packed. However, in the pursuit of an elusive concept known as ‘accountability’, I shall now be reviewing under my own name in two much-loved online Edinburgh publications – Broadway Baby and the EdFringe Review  – in addition to the odd show on here, when the mood takes me.

Now we’ve got to know each other, say hello on Twitter: @verityebell

– Verity


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